For close on a decade, SDR has worked with the leading producers, as well as some terrible ones.  Slowly developing the industry and working closely at events both within South Africa, and afield in Africa and Europe, we’ve learned a lot about what makes great fashion show photographs.

The greatest myth is that you as an event organizer or producer need to spend a fortune on lighting, technical and set production.  Often lighting is poorly setup, or simply technical suppliers do not understand the intricacies of lighting a fashion show for professional photography (and not to forget guest experience).  More lights are not always the answer, but rather fewer correctly placed and set up lights can be more effective than a hundred badly placed fixtures.

As part of our standard show photography costing, we are happy to advise and work with your technical suppliers to ensure that we have the best possible lighting setup for your photographic requirements.  We can also advise on what / how to light sets, as well as their layout and construction to create photographs that are world class without detracting from your guest experience.

By working closely from the beginning with your producer, we’re able to advise on how to get the best out of your show, and create photographs that the fashion media would love to run.

For more information, or to sit with us and see our tech / concept presentation, please contact us today.

As from 2011, we offer detailed CAD plotting of lighting rigs, as well as detailed renderings and technical drawings for your technical supplier.  For a demonstration, please contact us.